I’ve been touching up and repairing photos, using software tools, like Adobe Photoshop, since the middle 1990’s. Mostly my own photos, and sometimes the photos of others. I discovered along the way, that I actual enjoy the work and have acquired a few tricks for doing it efficiently. The easiest way for me to touch up photos, is for customers to send me high resolutions scans of any photos they want evaluated. If we agree on the cost, I can then do the repair and send the repaired image back electronically. Turn around time would depend on how busy I am at the moment and the extend of the repairs. (The time and price are negotiable to some extent.)

You can also send me photos with regular mail or courier services, and I can then evaluate, estimate cost, and if we agree, I will then copy your originals, repair them with software, and then have the repaired copies printed photographically, and sent back to you (with your originals).  I offer hourly rate discounts for large projects. To initiate this process please contact me using the contact page or you can email me at hunter@desportes.com.

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